Rafaelo review by Dr Bouchard

The strengths of the Rafaelo procedure are, on the one hand, its very low morbidity, i.e. it is a low-pain technique in most cases, with the use of level 2 painkillers for two or three days, after which patients very quickly stop taking their painkillers. So the pain is usually very minor and quite short compared to the Milligan Morgan haemorrhoidectomy. The effectiveness seems to be true, both in the French evaluation and in my personal experience, as we have less than 5% surgical recurrence per year. The second aspect of this technique, which is also very, very interesting and puts it far ahead of the other minimally invasive techniques, is its simplicity and speed. Speed is really a big advantage of the technique because the administration of the product, let’s say, happens in two minutes, two and a half minutes, and the whole procedure takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

Dr. Dominique Bouchard, MD Proctologist , Maison de Santé Protestante Bagatelle, Talence, France