F care systems offers two Veinlite products, namely:

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Advanced transilluminator with Side-Transillumination technology for vein imaging of varicose veins and vein access in pediatrics, neonatal, emergency medicine, critical care and oncology.

Patented Side-Transillumination Technology

Side-Transillumination provides uniform illumination and visualization of unprecedented clarity. Light generated by a halogen bulb travels through a high-quality fiber into the Veinlite ring, where the light concentrates in a bright spot under the skin. The bright spot behaves like a virtual light source below the skin that transilluminates the open area within the ring. Superficial blood vessels are seen with high clarity and networks of varicose veins can be examined in detail.

The components

The Veinlite comprises a halogen light source, a high-quality fiber optic cable, and a patented ring illuminator for side-transillumination. The light source uses a 150 watts halogen bulb and has a potentiometer allowing you to adjust to the desired illumination intensity.