“Fast and Effective Venous Glue Embolization Solution”.


The Veinecto Procedure is a minimal invasive technique for endovenous treatments. The procedure doesn’t require a thermaal ablation source and tumescent anesthesia.

Veinecto uses a sterile medical glue  which is safe, effective and results in an instant occlusion. The sterile high viscosity embolization agent will react immediately with the blood cells once injected in the vein.

The Veinecto ingenious system uses a marked Peripheral braided micro catheter to indicate the retraction speed while injecting the glue from the dispenser gun into the catheter. The Veinecto set contains all necessary items for the procedure including guide wire and 6 french introducer.
Unlike other techniques, Veinecto doesn’t require tumescent anesthesia leaving the treated area free from injection markings. Because there are no pre-procedure drugs involved, patients return to their daily activities after treatment without suffering from eventual skin burns or nerve damage. Post-operative care is limited, painkillers are usually not required as well as the burden of compression stockings.


For the patient

  • Does  not require tumescent anesthesia.
  • Does not harm surrounding tissues and nerves.
  • There is no risk of cosmetic damage, no bruising, no pain.
  • The surgery time is shorter than various other treatments.
  • Immediate return to normal daily activities.

For the doctor

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Low investment and maintenance cost.
  • Clear visibility under ultrasound guidance.
  • Minimally invasive treatment.
  • The surgery time is shorter than various other treatments.

Peripheral Braided Micro Catheter Set 

• 1 Unit introducer sheath 6F.
• 1 Unit seldinger needle (18 gauge).
• 1 Unit 45 cm hydrophilic guide wire.
• 1 Unit 2.5 cc syringe.
• 2 Sealing agent drawing needles.
• 1 150 cm hydorphilic guide wire.
• 1 Hydrophilic peripheral braided catheter.
• 1 Unit micro delivery catheter.
• 2 Units of 1cc glass vials, double blister sterile packaging.
• 1 Dispenser gun.