DermLite DL3

“First handheld DermLite with a 25 mm four-element lens”.

The DL3 has been developed to be the tool of choice for the world’s leading dermatologists. Precision-engineered and crafted from solid aluminum, it is the first handheld DermLite to integrate a 25 mm four-element lens, which offers greatly reduced optical distortion and a sharper image across the field of view. Twenty-one high-powered LEDs produce approximately 30% more illumination in cross-polarized mode than the DermLite II HR, and seven non-polarized LEDs for immersion fluid dermoscopy create a brighter image than the equivalent mode in the DermLite II hybrid. For optimum ease of use, one button does it all: A quick tap instantly toggles between polarization modes, and a longer push turns the unit on or off.

A major step forward is the DL3’s fully retractable faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism. By twisting a large precision dial that is as easy to turn when mounted on a camera as it is during regular use, you extend its faceplate spacer and focus your image with an available focal range in excess of ±4 mm. The innovative spacer comes with a glass faceplate with 10 mm scale, and as part of a late 2012 engineering revision that is now shipping, the new design eliminates any leakage of immersion fluids into the interior. Now even more than ever, contaminants as well as undesirable ambient lighting no longer affect your image.

Of course, the DL3 is camera compatible. Attach your digital camera* via the product’s built-in threaded 28 mm connection, extend the spacer, and start taking sharp, glare-free images quickly and easily. The same 28 mm connection may be used to mount the included eyepiece, which may greatly improve the contrast of the image and helps reduce internal reflections caused by ambient lighting.

DL3 is powered by the same integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery used in the DermLite II series, which can be recharged via the included charging base. A DermLite DL3 will let you know when it’s time for a recharge: While using a fully charged DL3, the “3” on the top of the unit lights up green; once the charge level drops below 25%, the “3” will glow orange.

DermLite DL3 combines the unique advantages of polarized and immersion fluid dermoscopy in one truly refined device that offers superior illumination and optics, solid durability, and, with its ergonomic handle design and single button operation, a degree of convenience that is unsurpassed in a DermLite.

Each unit comes with 3Gen’s 5-year warranty, includes a leather belt case, lithium battery and charging base, eyepiece, and lanyard.

  • Polarized & non-polarized.
  • Retractable Faceplate with scale.
  • Four-element 25 mm 10x lens.
  • 27 light-emitting diodes (LED).
  • Charging Base.
  • Recahrgable lithium-ion battery.
  • Highly recycable aluminium housing with rubber grip.
  • Leather belt case & lanyard.dermlite-dl-3

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