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Viridex®US generator for ultrasound cavitation

With its multimodal mechanism of action and exceptional safety profile, ultrasound cavitation is among the most promising newer methods of tackling troublesome cellulite—which explains the wide variety of cavitation equipment available on the market. So why choose the Viridex®US?

The Viridex®US difference

Uniformity: Whereas many of the devices on the market employ a handheld delivery system, the Viridex®US employs rigid ceramic plates, which are linked together and remain in place throughout the procedure. The plates ensure uniform application of ultrasound energy across the treatment area without patients or practitioners having to change positions frequently.

Connectivity: For even more convenience, the Viridex®US contains two separate generators; practitioners can connect up to six ultrasound plates to each generator via a junction box, for a total of twelve plates per treatment. The two linked generators can even use different settings, for example to deliver more or less energy to one treatment area without having to recalibrate in between.

Comfort: Unlike some pre-programmed cavitation systems, Viridex®US generator power is adjustable in increments of 5%, which is essential to rule out any potential sensitivities to ultrasound energy. In addition to the standard “continuous” mode, the device also offers three “pulse” modes for patients who find the tinnitus effect too uncomfortable for sustained periods.

Technical specifications

Maximum power: 2 W/cm2
Input power: 110 – 240 VAC
Input frequency: 50 – 60 Hz 
Frequency: 28-32 KHz
Dimensions: (W) 360mm x (D) 280mm x (H) 120mm
Supply voltage: 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz
Max. input power: 125 VA
Max. current per connection: 6 A
Connection: max. 12 ultrasound plates (3 transducers/plate)


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