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The MedRF4000® radiofrequency generator

Users expect each new medical device to improve upon the last—improved features, more flexibility, greater efficiency—which is why we’ve developed the MedRF4000®, the world’s first all-in-one medical generator for use in treating a multitude of vascular and proctological conditions through radiofrequency ablation. 

The MedRF4000® is a monopolar RF generator capable of delivering 4MHz radio waves to a variety of probes and catheters used in multiple RF ablation procedures. Parameter presets offer plug-and-play readiness for various treatment types, and a foot pedal allows hands-free control of energy application. The MedRF4000® is currently equipped for radiofrequency treatment of haemorrhoids, anal fistulas, varicose veins, and telangiectasia; future expansions will be provided as convenient software updates via the USB port. The port can also be used to export session information, for example as clinical study data or to supplement patient records for follow-up purposes.

The intuitive tilted touchscreen puts a wealth of information at the user’s fingertips, including a comprehensive manual with instructions on everything from best practices in RF ablation to device connections to file management. Treatment screens feature animations to guide the user around the interface, making procedures even easier to perform.

FDA Approved


  • Plug-and-play medical device with presets for multiple applications
  • Tilted touchscreen displays session duration, energy use (in joules), haemorrhoidal grade and position, plus comprehensive information and step-by-step guidance 
  • USB port allows export of individual procedure data and ensures future upgradability
  • Foot pedal keeps both hands free

Technical specifications

Technology: monopolar RF generator
Output frequency: 4 MHz
Dimensions: W 252 mm x D 245 mm x H 185 mm
Supply voltage: 110-230V / 50-60Hz
Max input power: 125 VA
Output setting: 100% (25 W)
Applied parts classification: Type BF
Weight: approx. 5 kg

Product REF: 00MEDRF4000

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