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The Pilex ligation pistol

When done properly, rubber-band ligation is among the simplest and most reliable methods of treating early-stage internal haemorrhoids—but finding the right ligation system can be surprisingly tricky. Forceps? Can cause additional haemorrhaging and pain. Manual band loading? Time-consuming and risks inaccurate placement. Disposable systems? Potentially costly for clinic and environment.

The Pilex ligator strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and sustainability: convenient twist-on cartridges come pre-loaded with four bands, ensuring accurate positioning every time, while the ergonomic ligator itself can be resterilised or replaced between procedures. 

Additional features at a glance

  • Suction quick-connect with convenient on-off switch
  • Slotted anoscope with extra-wide opening for better manoeuvrability
  • Easy-to-read band counter advances automatically
  • “Pistol” grip allows easy one-handed operation


  • 1x ligator
  • 1x anoscope
  • 1x cartridge (with 4 elastics)

Technical specifications

Sterilisation method: EO
Shelf life: 2 years
Ligator dimensions: H 130 x L 235 mm
Barrel length: L 108 mm
Weight: 90 g (ligator with cartridge) / 5.6 g (cartridge only)
Suction pump connection diameter range: 6.13 mm – 10.03 mm
Anoscope dimensions: 20 mm diameter x 88 mm length

Product REF ligator: 05PILEX-GUN

Product REF cartridge: 05PILEX-HEAD

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Haemorrhoid rubber-band ligation 

The Pilex ligation pistol is a convenient and ergonomic solution for treating Grade 1 and 2 internal haemorrhoids via rubber-band ligation (RBL).