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Radiofrequency Probes

For many years, common medical wisdom held that minimally invasive treatment was only an option for patients with early-stage (Grade 1 and 2) haemorrhoids; more advanced haemorrhoids were widely assumed to require surgical intervention—which usually meant long recovery periods and a significant risk of complications. Thanks to the innovative Rafaelo® procedure, however, patients with Grade 2, Grade 3 or even early Grade 4 internal piles can enjoy the comfort and convenience of non-surgical treatment.

HPR45i probe

Rafaelo® is performed using the HPR45i needle probe, which is inserted into the pile and used to deliver targeted RF energy. Unlike in electrocautery, radiofrequency ablation results in very little heat spread beyond the tip of the electrode—the 2 mm-diameter HPR45i needle probe has a thermal radius of just 3 mm, enabling precise thermocoagulation without damaging surrounding tissue.

FDA approved

Technical specifications

Probe length: 210 mm
Needle diameter: 2 mm
Handle diameter: 19.5 mm
Insulation material: PTFE
Distal segment length: 10 mm
Distal segment material: stainless steel
Extension cable: 2.5 m
Weight: 34 g

Product REF: 05HPR45iV2

Sphera ball probe

Patients with early-stage internal haemorrhoids can now benefit from minimally invasive RF ablation as well: the new Sphera ball probe is compatible with the same generators as the HPR45i, but its spherical tip is specifically designed for surface coagulation of Grade 1 and 2 internal piles. The electrode’s chromium nitride coating helps prevent it from sticking to the delicate tissue while delivering radiofrequency energy.

Technical specifications

Probe length: 205 mm
Tip diameter: 3 mm
Handle diameter: 20 mm
Insulation material: PFA
Tip material: stainless steel 
Tip coating: CrN
Extension cable: 2.5 m
Weight : 36 g (probe + output cable)

Product REF: 05SPHERA

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Rafaelo® | Radiofrequency ablation of haemorrhoids

With use of the HPR45i needle probe or Sphera ball probe, the practitioner applies targeted RF energy to induce thermocoagulation, and ablate the haemorrhoid.