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Rafaelo Pack

The Rafaelo Pack is an all-in-one RF probe kit that comes with a complete selection of consumables used in performing the Rafaelo® procedure.


  • 1x sterile perineal drape
  • 1x anoscope with LED (96 x Ø23 mm)
  • 1x lubricating gel
  • 1x sterile 21G needle
  • 1x sterile HPR45i probe
  • 3x sterile compresses, 10 x 10 mm
  • 1x sterile medical forceps

Please note that contents and availability may vary by region.


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RF Ablation of haemorrhoids | Rafaelo® procedure

The Rafaelo pack was specially conceived to fit the Rafaelo® procedure, an innovative method of ablating Grade 2, Grade 3 and some Grade 4 internal haemorrhoids using radiofrequency energy.