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KAVS3L foam sclerotherapy catheter

Ultra-thin, ultra-flexible, ultra-convenient: the KAVS3L catheter for ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy.

The catheter itself is made of radiopaque polyurethane for exceptional ultrasound visibility; at a diameter of just 7 French (2.35 mm), it can easily be guided through thinner or more tortuous saphenous veins (max Ø 8 mm). Markings every 10 cm provide additional positioning assistance, and a silcone occlusion balloon at the distal end prevents sclerosant from reaching the deep system. Foam sclerosant is produced using a three-way tap connected to the lateral lumen and delivered through three small openings at the distal end near the rounded catheter tip, before the balloon. A lateral lumen with a stopcock serves to regulate saline to the occlusion balloon, and a third main lumen provides guidewire access.

Technical specifications

Description: KAVS3L NTNT* catheter
Length: 100 cm
Diameter: 2.35 mm (7F)
Balloon volume: max. 2.5 ml

*non-thermal, non-tumescent

Product REF: 05KAVS3L

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