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CR45i Packs

CR45i Packs contain everything practitioners need to perform non-surgical radiofrequency thermocoagulation of saphenous veins.


  • 1x sterile CR45i catheter
  • 1x sterile 6F introducer set
  • 1x sterile 21G needle
  • 1x sterile tubing set for tumescence pump
  • 1x sterile transducer cover
  • 1x universal electrosurgical pad

Two variants of the CR45i Pack are available: the regular CR45i Pack, which includes a solid electrosurgical pad to be used with the EVRF® generator, and the CR45i Pack S, which has a split pad intended for use with the MedRF4000® generator.

Product REF:
06CR45iPACK (with solid pad)
06CR45iPACK-S (with split pad)

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