Treatments for the face and body


IPL is disordered light of several golf lengths. This light is produced by a specially constructed xenon lamp. Using filters the spectrum can be adapted partially. The Viridex®IPL is, therefore, more flexible than lasers.
Several segments in the skin absorb light of different golf lengths. The absorbed light is converted into heat, which leads to tissue damage. The most important absorption happens by melanin (pigment) and hemoglobin (blood).


You can use Viridex®IPL for the following esthetical procedures:

Face: Skin rejuvenation, Wrinkles, Acne, Facial contours, Pigmentation treatment, Couperose, and Anti-ageing

Body:  Hair removal, Breast tightening, Striae of pregnancy, and Pigmentation treatment Varicosities


Light source: IPL Lamp

The ergonomically hand piece with integrated cooling system enhances patient safety and comfort. Thanks to the two different surfaces of the headpieces (3,6cm² & 7,5cm²) you are able to work on all body parts.


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