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MedRF4000 is a smart all-in-one generator to which
you can connect all sorts of disposables

You can use MedRF4000 to treat conditions such as:

  • telangiectasias
  • collateral and perforating veins
  • saphenous veins
  • haemorrhoids
  • anal fistula


Want to add a new treatment to the device?
All it takes is a simple software installation.
After that, you can switch between two treatments
with a simple tap on the touchscreen.

One device for multiple treatments:
MedRF4000 is guaranteed to be a cost-effective investment
for modern hospitals and abdominal surgeons, proctologists
and vascular surgeons with private practices.

Thermocoagulation is the ideal safe and efficient method that does not damage the surrounding tissue. The unique shape of the radio waves means that overheating is impossible and painful side effects are avoided. The treatment is also extremely safe. The foot pedal operation gives you total control: you have total control over when heat is given off.

MedRF4000 is truly pure radiofrequency. The generator sends a high 4Mhz frequency to the active part of the catheter, that is the non-insulated tip. The tip touches the wall of the tissue to be treated, causing it to coagulate.

The four phases of coagulation

  1. The ionisation of the cell
  2. Evaporation and drying of the tissue
  3. Denaturation of collagen fibres
  4. Coagulation

The effect of coagulation lasts for a few days after the treatment. The final result cannot be seen immediately, but your patient is sure to pass on the news of his or her painless experience.

Expect more

More treatments
Further, expand the range of your practice with a simple software installation on your MedRF4000®.

More information
Stay in control thanks to live information on the touchscreen during the treatment.

More time
Save yourself and your patient time with outpatient treatment and a fast electronic transfer of information to the patient’s file.

More flexibility
Expand your treatments whenever you wish and take the compact device with you to other treatment locations.

More comfort
Help your patients all year round and reassure them with a fast treatment free of hospital admission or side effects.

More future
With MedRF4000, your practice remains relevant: the smart generator is compatible with all existing and future treatment procedures.

Transcutaneous treatment:

Small veins on the face or on the legs are treated with a needle holder in combination with the specially designed thermocoagulation needles:
K3i needle with diameter 0.075mm (mostly used for facial treatment).
K6i needle with diameter 0.150mm (mostly used for the treatment of legs).


With the extremely sharp needle tip, the treatment is almost painless and causes only very light stains that completely disappear within a few days.

Collateral andperforating veins can be treated with F Care Systems CR30KAB. The catheter is extremely flexible so that it follows the direction of the vein easily. Smooth insertion is ensured with the advanced coating material around the catheter.
The non-insulated tip transmits the high-frequency signal to the vein wall. This causes the vein to coagulate and eventually disappear.

The CR40i catheter is intended to be used for the coagulation of perforating veins.

For the treatment of the Great Saphenous Vein, the CR45i catheter is used. This extremely flexible 6 French catheter with a 5mm non-isolated tip allows a smooth insertion. The catheter will be pulled back gradually until the entire vein is closed. GSV and SSV ablation with EVRF is minimally invasive side effects such as pigmentation, superficial thrombophlebitis, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are very rare. Patients experience minimal discomfort and normal daily activities can be resumed within one day appear.

A single-use anoscope with an integrated LED light source. This ready-to-use device eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the medical setting by making rechargeable and plug-in light sources obsolete. Specially designed to aid in the examination of the anus to screen, diagnose, evaluate, and treat problems of the anal canal. The device’s clear material allows for 360-degree visibility is ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic anoscopy procedures.

The HPR45i probe is designed specifically for the treatment of internal haemorrhoids. No incision is required, the non-insulated sharp probe tip is inserted directly into the haemorrhoid. Radiofrequency energy is emitted in a radius of 3 mm around the active part, radially, without damaging adjacent tissues or muscles.

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