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Radiofrequency Treatment of Anal Fistulas

Anal Fistula patients are facing a long uncertain course of their condition once diagnosed. Usually embarrassed by this condition and all the side effects sequential to this condition they seek salvation in the limited range of current methods. With, in most cases, a recurrence of their condition over time.

The anal fistula Radiofrequency ablation, Fistura, is a new procedure launched by F care systems.
This new procedure allows to treat all kinds of anal fistulas by choosing, according to the diameter, 4 sizes of flexible catheters: 6 french, 7 french, 8 french and 9 french.

The flexibility of the catheters is a key advantage and enables you to follow the tortuous pathway of the anal fistula allowing to work end-to-end.
A short active part delivers radial energy with an action radius of 3mm in the surrounding tissue.
A french multicentric study has shown the potential of this new approach. A team led by Dr. L Abramowitz saw a significant improvement and high closure rate 12 months after the procedure.

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