Radiofrequency Treatment of Anal Fistulas

A new monopolar radio frequency treatment for anal fistulas,

The Fistura® procedure uses radio frequency thermocoagulation to treat anal fistulas utilising the emission of electromagnetic waves at a very high frequency (4MHz), similar to the principle of a microwave.

This minimally invasive technique seals the fistula tract without having to open the anal sphincter and is performed in a day-case or
the outpatient setting, with minimal discomfort for the patient, allowing an immediate return to daily activities.

The flexibility of the catheter is a key advantage to easily follow the path of the anal fistula – it will allow you to close the fistula along its entire length.

The catheters maximise energy penetration to a high degree, emitting a radial wave within a radius of 3 mm thus avoiding damage to adjacent tissue or muscle.

Depending on the diameter of the anal fistula, a range of different catheter sizes is available (from 6F to 9F).

For the Practitioner

• Quick and efficient minimally invasive procedure
• Simple to perform
• Excellent alternative to more invasive techniques
• Highly effective on patients with Crohn’s disease
• Minimal post-operative care
• Safe control of energy, avoiding damage to adjacent tissue
or muscles


For the Patient

• Minimally invasive
• Quick procedure performed in a day-case or outpatient setting
• Comparatively little or no pain
• Minimal post-operative care
• Immediate return to daily activities

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