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Radiofrequency Treatment of Anal Fistulas

A New Monopolar Radio Frequency treatment for anal fistulas

Fistura®, is a safe and minimally invasive RF procedure to treat anal fistulas. The flexible Fistura® catheter is inserted from the external opening and follows the tract of the anal fistula easily.
The blunt 4mm stainless-steel active tip facilitates the push through of the marked catheter without causing extra damage to the fistula wall.

A 4MHz radiofrequency wave delivers a controlled level of energy to the epithelialized tissue. This tissue will be destroyed in a controlled way and causes the fistula tract to collapse. The internal orifice of the fistula can easily be closed by a direct suture to keeptensions low in the mucous membrane.

The flexibility of the catheters is a key advantage that enables you to follow the tortuous tract of the anal fistula allowing to work end-to-end according to the diameter of the anal fistula.

A set of different sized catheters maximizes the energy penetration to a high degree, emitting radialenergy in a 3mm radius avoiding unnecessary tissue or muscle damage.


  1. Safe control of energy
  2. No limitation of the fistula length
  3. Different sizes of the flexible marked catheter
  4. Treatment can be done in a few minutes

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