The Viridex®RF thermocoagulation is completely different from electrocoagulation which is a chemical burn whereas thermocoagulation heats the vein through a 4Mhz vibration administered through a specially designed needle.

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Treating cellulitis with low ultrasound frequency (30Khz). This frequency has some remarkable effects:
Breaking down the triglycerides (fat) into monoglycerides which are more easily released by the fat cells.

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IPL is disordered light of several golf lengths. This light is produced by a specially constructed xenon lamp. Using filters the spectrum can be adapted partially. The Viridex®IPL is, therefore, more flexible than lasers.

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NEW Phlebology & Proctology


MedRF4000 is a smart all-in-one generator, suitable for any treatment with pure radio frequency.
The device emits electromagnetic waves at a very high frequency (4MHz), similar to the principle of a microwave.

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Syris Visualization Systems have been designed to enhance the surface or sub-surface features of a patient’s skin. One can choose between the surface and the sub-surface viewing mode, so perfect illumination will be ensured. This allows users to see approximately 1mm below the skin’s surface which will facilitate the treatment of telangiectasia and spider veins. […]

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F care systems offers you the entire range of Veillite products. These handy trans-illuminating light sources in a handy pocket size, facilitate access to veins during a puncture.
Intravenous injection needles can be applied in one go with Veinlite in a correct and fast manner without risk of vein spasm. View the different models

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Sonoscape, one of the market leaders in ultrasound systems with doppler function, color screen and a simple control panel. Sonoscape has been at the top for years for its innovations in the world of medical imaging, sono and ultrasound. View the different models

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Nouvag DP 30

High-quality infiltration pump Dp 30 of Swiss top quality. The DP30 offers you the opportunity to apply a correct dose of tumescence with precision in the treatment of varicose veins.

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DermLite comes with a characteristic colour spectrum designed to highlight features in skin lesions that are critically important in early detection. Over the past 20 years, we have perfected that blend of colours, another reason why DermLite is best-in-class for early skin cancer detection.

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EVRF® – Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation

The EVRF® is a 4 Mhz Radiofrequency generator that offers you the possibility to treat different types of varicose veins. For any type of varicose veins or telangiectasias, collateral, and perforated veins up to saphenous Magna and Parva.
The right tool, needle, or catheter, allows you to successfully treat these specific veins by means of thermocoagulation.

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F Care Systems engineers are currently working on the renovation of this minimally invasive endovenous treatment.

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Fistura, is a safe and minimally invasive RF procedure to treat anal fistulas. The flexible Fistura® catheter is inserted from the external opening and follows the tract of the anal fistula easily.

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Rafaelo® Procedure

F Care Systems has developed a revolutionary technique called the Rafaelo® procedure. Rafaelo® or Radiofrequency treatment of haemorrhoids under local anaesthesia, is a new approach with great clinical outcome and quick recovery.

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