How a 15-minute surgery provided patient relief after years of piles!

For 55-year-old Anish Purandhare* (name changed), the past 10 years were spent either in the agony of piles or in the worry of when they would return. A few weeks ago, he suffered from incessant bouts of pain and bleeding which made even tasks like sitting or standing to seem tortuous. The diagnostic test revealed grade four haemorrhoids-the most severe form of the condition.
Haemorrhoids, or piles, are caused by the deterioration of blood vessel-rich cushions inside the rectum causing them to swell, itch and bleed.
Affecting about 75% of adults in their lifetime, 10%  may need surgery which entails severe post-operative pain close to a month.
Relief for this patient came from the team at Ruby Hall Clinic consisting of Dr Pramod Kadam, Dr Nitin Pai, Dr Jignesh Gandhi, Dr Pravin Shinde and Dr PK Grant. Looking at his condition, they decided to opt for the Rafaelo technique which uses radiofrequency to shrink the haemorrhoids.
“The first time anyone in the country has used this procedure on such severe piles. Using a special needle probe, we delivered radiofrequency energy which coagulated the blood vessels supplying the haemorrhoids and tissue causing it to shrink and detach from the wall. In just 15 minute procedure we saw remarkable results.”  said Dr Pramod Kadam, robotic and laparoscopic surgeon, Ruby Hall Clinic.
“The patient was hospitalised for just 7 days and had minimal post-surgical pain. He came to us looking for hope and that is exactly what we as hospital delivered on,” concluded Dr Purvez Grant, a senior cardiologist and managing trustee, Ruby Hall Clinic.


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