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New Fistura Pack now available!

A convenient all-inclusive kit for anal fistula treatment.

Rafaelo® meets expectations of a minimally invasive technique.

Researchers in a French prospective multicentre study concluded that RFA (Rafaelo®) is associated with an improvement in quality of life and symptoms with a good safety profile.

FDA Approval for HPR45i electrode

F Care Systems announces FDA Approval of HPR45i electrosurgical electrode.

F Care Systems to attend annual proctology conference

Our event calendar is filling up! Next stop: the German Society for Coloproctology’s 45th annual conference, to be held on 16-18 March in Munich. See you there?

New release of the Sphera

F Care Systems is proud to announce the release of the Sphera, a new rounded probe designed for surface coagulation of Grade I and II internal haemorrhoids.

Rafaelo® workshop

Our next Rafaelo® workshop is scheduled for 21 April in…

First multicentre prospective study of Fistura® released

Researchers in France found that radiofrequency ablation of fistula-in-ano resulted in practically no post-treatment pain or risk of incontinence, both of which represent potential advantages over surgical fistulotomy.

Rafaelo® study confirms effective and lasting results

A five-year retrospective study of radiofrequency haemorrhoid ablation concluded that Rafaelo® not only carried minimal risk of pain and complications, but provided effective, lasting results.