Experience on a 150 cases with Radiofrequency for hemorrhoid pathology in CMA

By dr Suarez Grau, Juan Manuel; Gila Bohorquez, Antonio; Durán Ferreras, Ignacio; Gómez Menchero, Julio at the Riotinto Basic General Hospital, Minas De Riotinto.
During 12th annual national surgical reunion in Santander on November 6th till 8th , Dr Suarez Grau presented his results on the Rafaelo procedure including a 150 patients describing Rafaelo as an ambulatory non-surgical procedure. During a period of 36 months, 150 patients were treated with Rafaelo, age between 21 and 70 years old, 40% men – 60% female. Grade II and III with an average follow-up of 18 months. All patients (100%) were treated ambulatory and 0% needed an immediate readmission. The duration of the procedure was 15 minutes in average. Complications: 3 % of the patients complained about pain more than 7 days, 1.3% anal fissures, 2% secondary bleedings and 1,3% recurrences (grade II and III)

Conclusion: Although new techniques are more expensive than the traditional surgical solutions, they save hospitalization time , post-op care is reduced to a minimum and so is the intake of medication. In addition to this patients are very satisfied and return to their daily activity quickly. The ideal technique doesn’t exist but surgeons need to look for tailor-made solutions for the patients and Rafaelo is definitely one of them.

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