Our goal is to develop new treatments that are safer, more reliable, more efficient and more comfortable for both the specialist and patient.

F Care Systems was founded by Rudi Devers in 2001. The company is a leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment. Our focus lies on the treatment of various types of varicose veins and haemorrhoids based on the principle of thermocoagulation. Our innovations and new developments offer a wide range of solutions for practitioners and have a minimal impact on the patients daily life.

The process of scientific research, technological development and design has always been carried out in close collaboration with highly experienced doctors from university hospitals and in house engineering.

Our team

Headquarters of F Care Systems are located in Antwerp, Belgium. We have branch offices in France, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. The team provides extensive training programs and after sales services, keeping our customers up to date in a constant evolving market.

Our mission

“We strive to develop and offer innovative, high quality medical devices with focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency to improve health and comfort of patients, worldwide.”

Our vision

“F Care Systems aims that its innovative medical solutions, in the field of phlebology and proctology, become the treatment of choice for all specialists worldwide.”


Our products are distributed internationally through a chain of loyal and well trained distributors. To ensure the quality of these products, the company holds ISO 13485 medical device manufacturing quality certification. Furthermore, our medical products are CE (European Conformity) and FDA-USA (510K) certified.



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