Rafaelo® Procedure

Where banding can fail and require several applications and where surgery causes such discomfort, The Rafaelo® Procedure is the perfect alternative.”


Hemorrhoids can now be treated with the new HPR45i probe. This new and improved method is easy to use and very effective on hemorrhoids degree 2 to 4. Treatments can be done in several sessions of 15-20 minutes under local anaesthesia. Patients hardly experience any pain after the treatment, so minimal postoperative care is required and a swift return to normal daily activities is ensured.

Meanwhile over 5000 patients have been treated in Western Europe with extremely good outcomes. Patients are very satisfied with this seamless painless procedure. More and more doctors believe that the Rafaelo® Procedure should now be considered to be the gold standard for this type of treatment.


Daycare treatment.
Only local anaesthesia.
Quick return to daily activities.
Minimal discomfort during the treatment.
No or minimal bleeding after the treatment.
Only local anaesthesia.
Immediate clinical results.
No post-operative care.
Easy to learn procedure.
Cost effective and efficient treatment.



Curious as to how it works? Watch our simplified animation video and/or a treatment video down below.

Videos not visible? You can download them over here:
Animation Video Rafaelo Procedure 3:17 (103MB)
Live case by Dr. Vivaldi 3:42 (53MB)

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