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Abstract_Dr_SakakibaraEdogawa Hospital, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, EVRF Monopolar Radiofrequency Ablation for incompetent Saphenous Veins Compared with Conventional Bipolar Catheter
17114_РЧО в Сочи_ENV.V. Andreev, V.A. Pogosyan, Fadin BV, from the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1, Yekaterinburg, Russia, published a new clinical trial of 378 patients on the treatment of GSV with EVRF device and the CR45i catheter. Results were presented at the Russian Society of Vascular surgery in Sochi, Russia, June 2017.
EVRF 5 years follup up results Atilla Szabo
Treating veins with EVRF monopolar radiofrequency- 5
years follow-up results
Attila SZABO, VP-Med Health and Education Centre,
Budapest, Hungary
CR45i study by Doctor Atilla Szabo
Doctor Atilla Szabo did a small study on the effectiveness of treatment using the EVRF device and CR45i catheter. Histology samples were taken and concluded that treatment with the CR45i results in the desirable outcome of irreversible destruction of the vein wall.
Comparison of EVRF versus VNUS
The department of General Surgery in the Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore has compared the EVRF® (F care systems, Belgium) versus the VNUS® ClosureFastTM (Covidien, USA).
Clinical trial by Dr. Czuprin
In order to get a better insight in the heat generation and dispersion of the CR45i catheter, Dr. Czurpin from the University of Stuttgart did a video-assisted Crosse clipping and open crossectomy.
Clinical trial Dr. Szabo - 313 casesDr. Attila Szabó evaluated the effectivess of the EVRF® and analyzed the early and middle-term results using the EVRF® with a CR45i catheter for the endovenous ablation of GSV and SSV.
Study on effectiveness of EVRF® treatment by Dr Sarah Thomis (Belgium)
Between September 2011 and May 2012 Dr. Sarah Thomis from the UZ in Leuven conducted a pilot study on the treatment of forty patients with Great Saphenous Veins reflux using the EVRF® and the CR45i catheter. The results of this prospective trial were presented at the European Vascular Course on the 10th of March in Maastricht. .
Study on pain score by Dr Rasmussen (Denmark)
Dr L. Rasmussen (Denmark) performed in his clinic in Naestved several cases and compared the patients´ postoperative pain score with other methods.
Study on effectiveness of EVRF® treatment by Dr Piñon (Mexico)
Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and permanent results using the EVRF® and a CR45i catheter for ablation of the internal saphenous vein in patients with sapheno femoral reflux.
Clinical study of GSV treatment with the EVRF® by Dr Thomis (Belgium)
In the University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium, Dr Sarah Thomis (Vascular Surgeon) has conducted a prospective trial on 40 refluxing great saphenous veins. Complete report.
Clinical trial of hemorrhoids treatment by Dr Kłos and Dr Batijewski (Poland)
In the Kriocentrum in Otwock, Poland, a clincial trial on the EVRF® treatment on hemorrhoids with the probe HPR45i has been conducted on 160 patients.
Clinical Trial CR45i by Niesen Danciu
GSV treatment with Radio Frequency EVRF® and CR45i catheter by Dr. Thomas Niesen and Patrick Danciu.
Clinical study on 50 patients by Dr Jean Marc Chardonneau (France)
Dr Jean Marc Chardonneau conducted a clinical study on 50 patients about the treatment of telangiectasies by the technique of thermocoagulation.
Clinical study on 400 patients by Dr Jean Marc Chardonneau (France)
A clinical study about the effects of thermocoagulation on variculas has been conducted on 400 patients.
Clinical study on 5000 patients
The midterm and longterm results of 5000 cases has been reported to study the efficacy of thermocoagulation modality in the treatment of reticular and telangiectatic veins.
Retrospective study by Dr Jean Marc Chardonneau (France)
Between March 1999 and January 2005 Dr Jean Marc Chardonneau conducted a retrospective study of the treatment of the varicosities using the technique of thermocogulation.